If you work at a desk, you still could be at risk of injury. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind from our Kansas City workers' comp attorneys.

Some of the most significant risks to your health presented by a desk job involve repetitive motion. Having to hold your hands in the same position for hours on end while typing or taking notes will naturally lead to the occasional cramp or ache, but it is important to avoid permanent damages such as carpel tunnel.

There are also other injuries that can occur from desk jobs, from spinal damage incurred in chairs that do not support good posture, to eye damage as a result of staring at a computer screen all day. 

First off, take a walk during work breaks. Aside from the mental benefits of disrupting monotonous position and workflow, walking will help your circulation and provide necessary exercise and relief for your muscles and nerves.

Stretching while you're at your desk is a very helpful way to avoid pain and injury in your legs, lower back, arms, shoulders, and neck. It also can help you avoid headaches.

To prevent eye fatigue and injury, dim the light of your computer screen or purchase a special filter to block some of the light. Make sure you have a chair that supports good posture, or even invest in a stand-up desk, which can even help you burn calories and increase your flexibility.

In addition to the walking and stretching you do during the workday, pursue strength and cardiovascular workouts on a regular basis. These help  burn fat, maintain good circulation, strong bones, and heart health.

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