Some medications have such adverse side effects they become known as dangerous drugs.

Dangerous drugs can include prescription medications or over-the-counter pills. They can be prescribed by your doctor and provided by a pharmacist but still cause serious — even fatal — injury.

Here are the three key facts about dangerous medicines to keep in mind:

  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has only limited power to prevent an approved drug from being sold; frequently, it can only issue warnings to doctors—and those alerts may not be communicated well to patients.
  • Drug manufacturers will rarely issue voluntary recalls of their own products unless there's evidence of a manufacturing defect. The profit motive is too great to recall a drug if only a few people are hurt, even if they are injured very badly.
  • Drug sales cross state lines, so state regulators in Kansas and Missouri have very little power to block the sale of dangerous pharmaceuticals.

If you are a victim of dangerous medication, it is crucial you contact a personal injury attorney with experience in dangerous drugs. 

In some cases, you may be unsure of the exact cause of your pain or illness. If you have seen a commercial on television that has you thinking your symptoms may have been caused by a specific medication, we can work with you and your doctor to determine if any dangerous prescription drugs were the cause.

At Castle Law, our dangerous drugs attorneys have helped hundreds of victims injured by faulty pharmaceuticals. We offer resources to help you get answers to your questions, and we will work with you to hold the drug company accountable for your losses. Contact us today to get started with your claim.