Hurt On The Job?

Castle Law Workers’ Compensation Attorneys can provide you with the necessary information to make the right choices so that you can receive the best medical care, benefits and income. Missouri Workers’ Comp enables an injured worker to receive medical benefits as well as income benefits. You should be receiving treatment for ALL of your injuries, not just the ones the insurance company wants to accept. Do not let the carrier deny you benefits. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can stop the carrier and employer from harassing you into returning to work before your doctor says that you are ready to return to work. In addition, you need to make certain you have a good doctor working for your interests, not trying to make the insurance company happy so that they can maintain a good relationship with the carrier.

Have you been a victim of any of these injuries while on the job?

  • Back strain
  • Permanent disability
  • Gradual or repetitive motion injuries
  • Chemical or electrical burns
  • Falls from a height
  • Occupational diseases

If you have been injured on the job, you deserve Missouri workers’ compensation benefits to cover your medical needs. That is the “grand bargain” in worker’s comp: employees are guaranteed to get care; and in return they can't sue their employers or coworkers for negligence.

Sadly, sometimes this bargain breaks down. Employers or their allies in the insurance business decide to cut expenses by denying claims, delaying coverage, or terminating medical benefits early.

If this happens to you—and it happens far too often—then you will have to decide: will you meekly accept what the bosses are willing to let you have, or will you fight for the benefits you deserve?

At Castle Law, our Kansas City workers’ compensation lawyers are very familiar with your situation. If worker's comp scares you because you don't want to upset your boss or lose your job, we can help.

Check out our resources on workers' compensation, and contact our attorneys at Castle Law today to get started with your case.