Each year, the U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that approximately 500,000 accidents are caused by commercial trucks; and about 5,000 of these collisions result in death.

Commercial Truck Accidents

Commercial truck accidents are devastating. The process to recover from a truck accident is challenging, from the physical injuries to the damages done to your vehicle. After this tragic event, you can be left with:

  • High unexpected medical expenses
  • Missed work and lost wages
  • Disabilities that can change your quality of life, temporarily or long-term
  • Trauma, anguish, and stress associated with the event
  • Damage to your vehicle that may not be covered by insurance

With the help of our Kansas City truck accident lawyers, we can help ease these burdens while you work to recover from your injuries.

The insurance companies will investigate to determine who is at fault and how much responsibility each party holds. This can have a huge effect on the outcome in your case.

During this process, we stand by your side. When you work with us, you can have confidence knowing your case is in the hands of experienced personal injury lawyers who are able to help you get the best settlement possible. Our attorney's live in the Kansas City area. So, when you need a local attorney that is going to fight for you, we are here, right here. We practice in both Missouri and Kansas.

Castle Law Office is ready and able to help you get the best outcome possible following this tragic event. Contact us to get started with our highly experienced team of truck accident lawyers of Kansas City. And if you have questions, take a moment to look at our truck accident resources below.