Make sure your SSDI claim is as strong as possible the first time around. Use these tips in preparing your SSDI application:

1. Pay attention to how The Social Security Administration decides who is disabled. Know and understand your own situation in the terms they use. The Social Security Administration uses a five step process to determine if a person is disabled. It's good to understand what they're looking for so you'll know what details you will need to give them.

2. Check your status beforehand. Make sure their records are correct for your work history and payments that have been made to Social Security by checking your Social Security statement.  You can do this online at the If there are discrepancies, let the SSA know. Missing information about your work history can disqualify your claim. 

3. Make sure all your medical files make it to the Social Security Administration (even though it can be time-consuming)—not just primary doctors, but specialists, treatment facilities, hospitals, and anything that documents the severity and length of your disability. It can feel upsetting to hand over so much information about your life, but you want the Administration to make an informed decision about your condition. 

4. Be sure to follow all your doctor’s orders.  If possible find ways to document that you are doing what your are supposed to. 

5. Consult with an attorney who specializes in Social Security if you're denied the first time around. This is a very normal part of the SSDI application process. People get denied all the time, and only have a limited time to appeal.

Our Kansas City disability attorneys can answer any questions you might have, and we don't get paid unless you do.

Let us help you start an SSDI appeal by contacting us today.

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