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Over the weekend I noticed what looked like a newer motorcycle rider on his bike. I figured he was newer due to the fact of his lane position. As I gave him his space in front of me I couldn’t help but notice how he was riding down the middle of the lane. The middle of the lane is not the best place for a motorcycle rider to ride their bike. All the oil, dirt and grime collects right in the middle lane position. The best place to ride your bike is the exact place where car and truck tires ride on the lane. Keeping to the inner third or outer third of the lane is the better place to ride. All the oil, dirt and grime does not build up as much in these sections of the lane. This makes it much safer for riders.

Motorcycle riders already have a disadvantage on the road due to overall size. While riding, there are plenty of things that one has to keep their eyes on. Distracted drivers, rules of the road and being seen are some of the things that riders have to keep in mind.

A motorcyclist in Kansas City needs to make sure they have a bubble of space around them. If a car pulls up next to you, make sure your bike is in the third of the lane that will give you the most space between you and the other vehicle. Giving yourself more space will allow you to have a little more reaction time if you need it.

More Visibility To Avoid Accidents

When you are using correct lane position it actually makes you and your motorcycle more visible to other drivers on the road. With the correct lane position and the correct protective gear, that will allow you to stand out and for other motorists to see you.

As you approach a car or truck that is in front of you, it is best to be on the third of the lane that will line up best with the driver side mirror. Using this lane position will allow the car in front of you to know that you are behind them. As you move through traffic you will want to use the best lane position to allow for the best visibility. Just keep in mind the center of the lane can be slicker than the outer or inner third of the lane.

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