How safe are your children on the school bus? After last week’s bus accident in which more than 20 sixth graders were taken to Kansas City hospitals after their bus overturned on a highway ramp, parents may be worried about putting their children on the school bus in the mornings.

Experts say long school buses are still the safest way to transport children. Buses are designed to have their height and weight evenly distributed, in order to help bus drivers stay in control. The sides of buses have been reinforced, and seat backs have been raised to 28 inches in recent years, which helps form a protective cocoon around students even without seat belts.

But the fact remains that almost half a million school buses are on the road every day, and some accidents are unavoidable. Several of the students from this accident were treated for broken limbs and concussions, which means their recoveries will be long and costly, including hospital stays and physical therapy.

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