DC Solar, a California based solar energy company, has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, and reportedly owes Kansas Speedway around $750,000, according to KSHB. News of the fraudulent scheme involving DC Solar comes after Kansas Speedway made investments for several mobile solar generators that were intended to provide additional lighting to some of the grassy parking areas that surround the Kansas Speedway. Kansas Speedway has not yet made an official statement in regards to the amount owed to them due to the ongoing investigation. However, it has been confirmed by their PR department that there are still DC Solar lighting products on Kansas Speedway property that are not in use.

DC Solar also owes a number of companies throughout the United States, with the total amount exceeding $800 million. The International Speedway Corporation (ISC), the company that owns Kansas Speedway, is among those businesses and is reportedly owed over $1 million.  Reports from multiple federal officials allege that DC Solar was engaged in a fraudulent scheme that promised federal tax credits and profits to investors but instead went towards paying off past debt and funding for a lavish lifestyle for the company’s CEO.

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The Kansas Speedway is one of the largest venues in the Kansas City area and is a top destination for many NASCAR fans. With the capacity to hold 48,000 it hosts two major NASCAR events throughout the year and is also host to a number of other races and events, including several community fundraisers.

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