Not long ago, we reported that Toyota was on the road to recovery. They were almost through with that terrible "unintended acceleration" ordeal and were back on track as the best-selling car company in the industry.

Car Recalls on the Rise.

But it was all downhill from there. Just a few days later, Toyota announced a recall of over 1 million vehicles for safety reasons, including defective airbags and windshield wipers. Some people have already been injured from the recalled cars.

Toyota isn't alone, even if their reputation has been hit hardest by recent recalls. Cars are recalled all the time: a car door malfunctions, an airbag doesn't inflate, a part of the car even randomly catches on fire. These are real issues with real consequences.

In addition, tire defects can be dangerous as well. When a defective tire comes off, explodes, or otherwise malfunctions, the results can be deadly for drivers, passengers, and other people anywhere near the vehicle.

Sometimes the problem arises from the car companies cutting corners; but the truth is, no one wants anyone else to get hurt.

The reason there are so many car recalls and defective tire recalls is that you have a right to be safe in your vehicle. Car companies know that, and they know under the law you're entitled to compensation when you've been injured by a problem with their equipment. They recall vehicles to be safe, to protect you, and to protect themselves so as little goes wrong as possible.

If you've been seriously injured by a defective tire or were hurt by a recalled car, our Kansas City injury lawyers can help. Contact us today for a free consultation, where we'll talk through your case and let you know what options you might have.


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