When you hear a good tune on the radio or maybe on your MP3 player, do you turn it up? Sure, most people would agree. On the flip-side, do you turn it up if you are driving with headphones or earbuds on? Driving with earbuds can be dangerous to your commute. If an emergency vehicle is trying to get by, how do you hear them? If a car is honking at you to alert you of something, how do you hear the horn?

With technology vastly improving in earbuds, most have a great deal of noise cancellation. This is great when you are wanting to block out noises that are around you. But, is it legal?

Law For Earbuds While Driving in Kansas and Missouri

Missouri and Kansas currently do not have any laws in the book. However, 18 states in the country have adopted laws against wearing earbuds while driving. Some states make it to where you cannot have any form of earbuds in while driving. Although, hearing aids or any other form of hearing assistant that improves overall hearing are perfectly legal. Other states make it legal to drive with just one earbud in at a time.

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