Imagine mowing your yard and the next thing you know, you are in the hospital with your family at the foot of your bed? That’s what happened to Frank Kenney on June 29th.

“I thought I had been in a car wreck. I had my family at the foot of the bed. I had my doctor. They explained to me what had happened and I couldn’t believe it,” said Kenney.

Victim of Violence

Police say two men beat Kenney in the face in his back yard. Then, they took off. The 60- year-old suffered a shattered cheek and a broken jaw. He’s not sure why he was targeted.

“The mower was put up so it wasn’t robbery. I had my keys in my pocket, no wallet. I’m in yard clothes,” said Kenney.

His family believes this might be a result of the knock out game. The knock out game is where people beat random victims and take off.

Kenney has undergone several surgeries. Currently, his mouth is wired shut forcing Kenney to have only liquids. He also has double vision from a blood clot. Before the attack Kenney was a barber, which he can no longer do.

“I’ve never been one to put off bills. Being a barber and working on commission, if I’m not behind that chair, I have no money coming in,” Kenney said.

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