Snow, sleet, ice, and rain will soon fill the Kansas City sky and bring additional hazards to motorists and pedestrians. The Federal Highway Administration reported that about 22 percent of accidents are caused by snowy and icy conditions and that an average of 58,000 people are injured every year in winter related automobile accidents. Winter is the deadliest time of the year for drivers and their passengers, and we want to remind the community about the importance of practicing safe driving habits this winter.

Common Driving Mistakes

#1 Failure to prepare

  • - Check for inclement weather, check to make sure that your car is ready for winter, and prepare an emergency safety kit to help protect you and your family.

Fall/Winter car maintenance checklist:

#2 Poor visibility

  • - Driving with snow or ice on your windshield is illegal in some states and can severely impact your visibility so remember to remove the ice/snow/sleet before driving.

#3 Speeding

  • - Pay attention to your speed and give yourself time to react to what is going on around you.

#4 Reckless driving

  • - Reckless driving is not tolerated in the Kansas City area, and we urge all members of the community to report any reckless driver to law enforcement.

#5 Losing traction 

  • - Try not to panic and try not to make any aggressive driving maneuvers if you hit a slick spot. Here’s a video on what to do when you lose control of a car:

#6 Snowplow hazards

  • - Snow piles, hidden objects and oncoming traffic are just a few of the dangers of driving too close to a snow plow. Give them their space so that they can make the roads a safer place for everyone!

#7 Distracted Driving

  • - Driving while distracted is dangerous regardless of the season, but driving while distracted when there is snow or ice present can be a recipe for disaster. Put your phone away and eliminate distractions, so you can #ArriveAlive this winter.

Caution is Key 

It’s been a while since we’ve had snow on the ground in Kansas City so remember that driving conditions can change at a moment’s notice and that one small mistake on a slippery road could spell disaster for you and your vehicle. The easiest way to avoid an accident is to minimize the amount of time you spend driving in inclement weather. Consider staying indoors if you can to help minimize your risk of a collision. Younger drivers with little to no experience may want to practice with a parent or guardian to learn safe driving habits. Below is a disaster checklist to help you prepare for winter.

Winter Disaster Checklist:

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