Bankruptcy is only the first step towards financial freedom and having a clean credit report. Many of our clients come to us after experiencing a significant life event, such as a divorce, a job loss or an unexpected illness. After filing for bankruptcy, the steps you take to fix your credit score will help you succeed in the future.

There aren’t any magic credit fixes, but our experienced Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 attorneys do offer our clients as many tools as possible to help them regain a great credit score. Before your case is filed, each client needs to complete a short credit counseling session with a non-profit credit counselor. The counselor will review your debts with you, your monthly income and living expenses, and more.

Steps to Fix Your Credit Score

After your case is filed, we offer our clients free access to a budget management course that will give you the steps necessary to fix your credit score. These will include:

  • Paying your bills on time and in full
  • Fixing errors that might appear on your credit reports
  • Using cash purchases instead of credit cards
  • Carefully managing any future requests for credit
  • And more

Your credit score will usually increase within a year of your bankruptcy discharge due to the elimination of debt. The steps you take to carefully manage your finances will further help you repair your credit within a few years.

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