FDA logoThe FDA is reopening the case of Avandia - a diabetes drug they ruled extremely dangerous in 2010 after numerous studies showed a link to severe heart problems.

It's really uncommon for the FDA to reopen a case like this and actually consider reversing its decision. It's especially surprising because studies showed this drug was connected to over 47,000 cases of heart attack, heart failure, or stroke.

The investigation will be one of the most closely watched drug cases this year. Critics from both sides are already watching the panel closely and giving their opinions.

As a dangerous drug law firm in Kansas City we see a lot of injuries from drugs the FDA has recalled. But we also see injuries from drugs approved by the FDA.

In the end, the FDA decisions don't always determine whether or not a drug is safe. They just determine how the drugs can and can't be marketed and distributed.

You can still be injured by a dangerous drug, even if the FDA allows it to be sold. In fact, many of the most dangerous drugs are approved by the FDA. Tylenol is extremely dangerous, and it's sold over the counter!

If you're injured by a dangerous drug, you should definitely let the FDA know. But then you should also contact a drug injury lawyer that can help you figure out your options and fight for the compensation you deserve.

That's what we do at Castle Law of Kansas City. Our dangerous drug lawyers are happy to evaluate your case. The conversation is free, so contact us today.

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