With the national discussion still raging on about gun control, a number of cases have arisen surrounding gun crimes.

Whatever your views on gun ownership, gun crimes are a terrible tragedy and are punishable in criminal court. In many instances, they can also be punished in civil court.

Civil lawsuits emerge when a person is injured because of someone else's neglect or wrongdoing. As you can imagine, that includes a lot of gun crimes. Here are some examples of when people might file personal injury lawsuits over a gun-related injury:

  • The gun was not secured properly, allowing people to access it who should not have had access
  • The shooter used excessive force, shot someone by accident, or purposefully shot someone for reasons other than legitimate self-defense
  • A police officer used a gun when it was inappropriate to do so
  • A parking lot was not secured properly, allowing gun violence to occur there
  • Someone put a gun to the victim's head or otherwise threatened the victim with it


There are other instances in which you can sue over gun violence, as well.

The lawsuits can claim wrongful death or, if the victim was injured, can claim compensation for the damages like medical bills, time lost from work, and emotional suffering.

If you've been injured in a crime and would like to speak with a personal injury lawyer about a civil suit, we can help. Contact our Kansas City personal injury firm today to discuss your case for free.


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