Fun Fact: Over 50.5 billion automated phones calls were made to Americans in 2021!

We all get spam calls, but some financial situations may increase the number of harassments calls an individual receives. After you file for bankruptcy, creditors must stop all collection efforts. You are protected from their harassment under a provision of the Bankruptcy Code called the "automatic stay." Your attorney will contact the creditor immediately after filing the bankruptcy petition, especially if a lawsuit is pending or if repossession of cars or personal property is imminent and inform them of your bankruptcy filing.

You can be assured that the calls will stop in two ways:

  • Tell creditors that you have filed a bankruptcy petition if and when they call. Provide them with your docket number for your bankruptcy case.
  • The court will send a notice to all your creditors about your filing. This notice bars them from contacting you. This letter may take a couple weeks from the date of your filing to be received by your creditors.

Once the bankruptcy is filed, your attorney will assume all responsibility for communicating with your creditors. A creditor may be liable for court sanctions if it continues to use collection tactics once informed of the bankruptcy. We understand you may have questions, and our attorneys are here to assist you.

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