A lot of people call our offices every day wondering how much it costs to file bankruptcy in Kansas City.

The Cost Associated With Bankruptcy

The true answer is that it depends. Yes, that's the classic, frustrating lawyer answer - but it's also the most honest I can be. It depends on a number of factors that are personal to you, including first and foremost the type of bankruptcy you need and want. From there it can vary according to your situation.

But that's not what everyone says. Some lawyers will quote a set attorney fee, which is usually pretty low.

That's fine, but they're forgetting to tell you one important thing: it's not the only fee they charge. They don't mention the extra fees for credit counseling, or the bumped up rate if you have multiple creditors, a car, or a mortgage.

People who signed on with these other lawyers often complain to us later that they paid WAY too much, or that they received bad service and suffered consequences as a result.

Why have regrets like that? Prevent it from happening to you!

We've put together a free 2-page report to help people who are considering bankruptcy. It gives you dangers to look out for when choosing a bankruptcy attorney, especially when you're worried about the cost. Most importantly, it gives you questions to ask so you know you're getting the right fee from the start.

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