Many of us will soon be back to work and Castle Law wants you to protect yourself. Employers in Missouri & Kansas are generally legally obligated to pay workers’ compensation to employees who are injured while on the job. This helps to protect workers and allows individuals to maintain their income while recovering from injuries sustained at work. Our personal injury attorneys put together a brief step-by-step process to help individuals who are trying to file a workers’ compensation claim.

Notify Employer & Written From

First, a worker must inform their employer about their injury. In most cases this is done immediately after an injury, although the law states that workers have 30 days to inform their employer in Missouri and 20 days in Kansas. Don’t delay whenever possible, though.

Medical Treatment

*Immediately call 911 if you or a co-worker is seriously injured on the job.

If you don’t need an ambulance, notify your employer of the injury and then request medical attention.  In most cases, your employer will provide you information on who to contact to get medical assistance.

Workers Compensation Benefits

Depending on the type of claim, you should begin to receive workers’ compensation benefits after your claim has been accepted by your employer’s insurance company.  

Hiring a Lawyer

If your claim was denied or did not provide sufficient resources, you may want to consider speaking with a workers’ compensation attorney at Castle Law Office. Our lawyers are experienced and will help guide you through the process to help get you get the compensation you deserve.

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