We understand that budgeting can be a challenge, especially during the holidays, but what if you had to pay over $10 for a gallon of milk? One of our bankruptcy attorney's found a fascinating video on the “His and Hers Moments” YouTube channel highlighting the cost of common household products at a grocery store in Burbank, Alaska - one of the most remote areas of the country.

Watch Video: Barrow, Alaska ~ The WORLD'S most EXPENSIVE grocery store???

Price in Alaska vs. Price in Missouri

  • $12.95 - 12 pack of soda ($4.68 at Missouri grocery store)
  • $10.74 - Tostitos Chips Party Size ($3.48 at Missouri grocery store)
  • $2.60 - One role of toilet paper ($.75 at Missouri grocery store)
  • $8.51 - Lucky Charms Cereal - ($3.75 at Missouri grocery store)
  • $9.73 - Froot Loops ($3.64 at Missouri grocery store)
  • $10 - Gallon of Milk ($2-$3 at Missouri grocery store)
  • $16.82 - Gallon of Tropicana Orange Juice ($4.73 at Missouri grocery store)
  • $6.50 - Gallon of Gas (1.84 at the Missouri gas grocery station)
  • $9.59 - Gallon of Water ($3.98 for 12 Pack at Missouri grocery store)
  • $2.89 - Mac and Cheese ($3.64 at our Missouri grocery store)
  • $5 - Avocado ($1 at our local Missouri grocery store)

Budgets are crucial if you want to get control of your finances. Not only do they help you keep track of your spending so you don't buy things you can't afford; they also help you prioritize your spending so you focus on the payments that matter most. There are plenty of shopping guides and price checkers available online to help shoppers get the best bang for their buck, and some businesses will even match the price of a product if they do not have the lowest price (although it is probably different for people shopping in Alaska).

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