We typically write these blogs to provide our community with insight that helps us all live a better life, but a recent article published by Fox 4 News caught our attention, and we felt the need to share this story.  The article sheds light on an all too common occurrence about a veteran, Bradick Barrett, who was neglected by the long-term care facility he was admitted to after he was struck by a car in the Kansas City area.  Dirty bed sheets, inattentive staff members, and a half-naked brother was an all too familiar sight for Barrett’s sister when she came to visit, regardless of her brother’s nearby closet full of clothes.   

Barrett suffered a traumatic brain injury from the car accident and his family decided that a long-term care facility would provide him with the best treatment given his situation.  Many would agree this was the correct course of action for Barrett, but after time, and after the nursing home he was living in was bought out by another company, the level of care that Barrett received dropped dramatically. Complaint after complaint became the norm, and it only seemed to get worse as more people from management were getting involved but nothing was changing.  Barrett’s sister, Aylica Beach, began to lose sleep over thinking about the conditions that her brother Bradick was living in. "When I was talking to him the last time I was there about his conditions and promising him I would get him out of there, he started crying," she said. (Fox 4 KC)

She stuck to her word.  Beach now has her brother on a waiting list for a nonprofit home for veterans that is operated by the state. Our hearts go out to Barrett and his family, and we hope that they find him the care that they all deserve.  We thank Mr. Barrett for his bravery and service to our country and he remains in our thoughts and prayers. 

Barrett is fortunate to have a loving family to look out for him when the facilities charged with aiding him did not, but for many of our veterans, this isn’t the case.  There has been an increase in the number of incidents involving care facilities and nursing homes in our community.  Multiple lawsuits, multiple fatalities, and an alarming increase in the number of reports involving negligence throughout the Kansas City area has many on edge. Our attorneys have zero tolerance for providers who neglect their patients. 

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