Below are some of the new laws and changes to note in Kansas & Missouri for 2020. 

Law Changes in Missouri:

  • Minimum Wage Increase: Missouri was one of 20 states to increase their minimum wage in 2020. The new minimum wage in Missouri is $9.45 (up from $8.65 cents). KSHB Kansas City reported that more than 153,000 workers in Missouri will see an increase in pay as a result.
  • Missouri Tax Break for Corporations: Starting this year, corporations registered in Missouri will get a bigger tax break. The corporate income tax rate has been lowered from 6.25% to 4% and is now one of the lowest in the nation.
  • Updated Vehicle Inspection Laws: Motorists in Missouri will now be required to get an inspection once every ten years from the model year of their vehicle as long as it has under 150,00 miles. The old law required a vehicle inspection once every five years. The new law also requires all homemade trailers to meet inspection requirements.

Law Changes in Kansas:

  • The state registration fee for electric-powered vehicles is now $100.
  • Changes to individual income tax bases
  • Child and dependent care credit increased from 7% to 25%

Our attorneys are always monitoring changes to laws and legislation in Kansas & Missouri. We will be sure to update you if any new law gets passed or if any significant changes are made to current legislation.

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