It's New Year's Eve, and we all know that means an uptick in drunk driving around Kansas City.

At Castle Law, our car accident attorneys help when a person's been the victim of a Kansas City drunk driving accident. It's an issue we take very seriously. Each year around this time we wish desperately we could convince everyone not to drink and drive.

Drunk Drivers On The Road

Unfortunately, intoxicated drivers will likely be out tonight no matter how many warnings they've heard about the dangers. Instead of spending another night out on the road worried for your own safety and having to use extreme caution, consider staying in!

Here are some options to keep yourself and your friends safe tonight:

  • When throwing a party yourself, let your friends know they can stay at your place overnight if they don't feel comfortable driving home.
  • Reserved a quiet night at a restaurant? Save money and stay safe by eating a nice dinner in. If you don't want to cook, pick up your pre-ordered food early in the evening and enjoy it at home. Many of even the nicest restaurants will offer food to go.
  • If you're planning to go to a party, arrive early and leave early. If you really want to stay out for that midnight kiss, stop drinking early in the evening so you're able to drive off right after the clock strikes 12. Most likely, people who've been drinking will linger and take a little longer to hit the road.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of ordering any movie you want online, with the help of Amazon Instant Video. They offer everything from new releases to obscure classic films, which you can rent or buy at the push of a button.
  • If you must go out, stay close to home. It limits your time on the road and supports your neighborhood businesses.


However you intend to celebrate, we wish you a safe and very happy New Year. We hope 2013 brings you health and a lot of joy!

(Photo credit: Marja Flick-Buijs)

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