At Castle Law Office, we are passionate about helping people and protecting the Kansas City community. Our team of personal injury and bankruptcy attorneys are constantly providing new resources and information for people who need information or have questions about personal injury or bankruptcy. On our website, you can find anything from free eBooks created by our attorneys, to in-depth FAQs based on our client’s most common questions.

Below is a brief guide to all of the free bankruptcy and personal injury resources available to you through our website.  


Most of our clients have questions before, during, and after their case, and we take great pride in making sure that they are answered in a way that makes most sense to our clients. We have answers to over 290 of the most popular questions that we have. If you can’t find what you need, we are only a phone call away.

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Our attorneys also take each case to heart and provide first-class communication with each client.

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Meet some of our attorneys, get an answer to your question, learn more about our services, or get safety tips through the Castle Law Office Video Library.

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News from the Community

Find personal injury and bankruptcy articles from around the community and learn more about some of our past cases.

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Free Downloads 

The e-books and reports available for download are a great place to get information and insights as you begin your personal injury or bankruptcy case.

          life after bankruptcy

“Life After Bankruptcy”

What will you lose? Who has to know? Will you get fired? Will it destroy your credit? This e-book answers some of the most popular questions that people have about Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy and includes tons of tips and insights for life after bankruptcy.

          car accident checklist

“Car accident Checklist”

This one-page PDF will help you keep track of what information you need to get from the other driver, what details to give the other driver, what NOT to say, and more following a car accident.

          price shopping kansas city bankruptcy attorneys

“Hidden Costs: How Price Shopping for a Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Cost You”

What hidden fees should you ask about? What's the worst that could happen from choosing the wrong lawyer? What services will a great bankruptcy lawyer offer?

           car insurance secrets

“8 Dirty Secrets the Car Insurance Companies Don't Want You to Know”

Why might insurance companies want your case to take a long time? How do they make money, and how do they keep it? What tricks do their attorneys use? Why do they care so much about your choice in mechanics? Get special access into the world of insurance companies by reading this insightful resource from Castle Law Office.

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