During the holidays (November and December), parking lot collisions increase. People have their shopping lists and are in a hurry, distracted, busy, and may not be paying attention to their surroundings. People often rely on technology, such as their vehicle back up cameras when pulling out of a parking space. Techology is great and that resource is helpful but it is still important to check your surroundings, especially looking over your shoulderes to check your blind spots. Parking lots are full of pedestrians leaving their vehicles to do their shopping and may have small children with them that are hard to see so be alert. 

There are many actions you can take to keep the parking lots safer this holiday season - put down your phone, pull through spaces when parking, back into the parking space if you can't pull through to park, and use a blinker. Don't become one of the statistics.

Check out the infographic for statistics and safety tips, so you can have a safe holiday parking lot experience. https://www.castlelaw-kc.com/library/CLO-Holiday-Parking-Lot-Dangers.pdf

Parking Lot Dangers during the holidays

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