When you're injured due to someone else's negligence, you're entitled to compensation for damages suffered, whether to you or your vehicle. Our Personal Injury Lawyers Take on the Following Cases in Kansas and Missouri:

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are among the most devastating traffic accidents. They often result in very serious injuries and may wreak havoc on you or your family’s finances and personal lives. Motorcycle accidents often lead to enormous medical expenses, loss of employment or future earning power, and severe pain and suffering for those involved. Victims have the right to make a claim for compensation for the negligent actions of unsafe drivers on the road. If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, hiring our personal injury lawyers is the best way to protect your legal right to a recovery.

Car Accidents

Our Kansas City personal injury lawyers at Castle Law Office have helped thousands of car accident victims in situations just like yours. We know the questions that keep you up at night. We are here to answer those questions and put you at ease, so you can focus on recovering. Let our personal injury lawyers handle these issues for you. We help you get the most out of your claim by launching a thorough investigation into the crash. We'll fight for an appropriate settlement to cover all of your damages, including lost wages and potential long-term medical care.

Truck Accidents

Commercial truck accidents are devastating. The process to recover from a truck accident is challenging, from the physical injuries to the damages done to your vehicle. When you work with us, you can have confidence knowing your case is in the hands of experienced personal injury lawyers who are fight to get you the best settlement or verdict possible. Our attorneys live in the Kansas City area. So, when you need a local personal injury attorney that is going to fight for you, we are here, right here. We practice in both Missouri and Kansas. 

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are a common cause of injury in Kansas City. They can leave victims with serious — sometimes even fatal — injuries. We have handled thousands of injury cases and know what it takes to pursue these cases. Contact our personal injury lawyers in Kansas City to get started with a free consultation.

Dangerous Drug Injuries

Dangerous drugs can include prescription medications or over-the-counter pills. They can be prescribed by your doctor and provided by a pharmacist but still cause serious — even fatal — injury. At Castle Law, our personal injury attorneys have helped hundreds of victims injured by faulty pharmaceuticals. We offer resources to help you get answers to your questions, and we will work with you to hold the drug company accountable for your losses.

Elder Abuse

When you leave a close elderly relative in the care of someone else, it is hard to believe they will be treated callously or left to suffer alone. After all, many nursing homes and assisted living facilities are extremely expensive. Surely someone there will look after your loved one's well-being. If you or a loved one has suffered from elder abuse or neglect in a nursing home or hospital, you need experienced personal injury lawyers who can handle the personal injury claim so you get the compensation you deserve to help you move forward.

In the unfortunate event that you are involved in a car crash, it may be important that you call a personal injury lawyer. The car accident attorneys at Castle Law Office are in Kansas City and we are here, right here, fighting for you. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle collision, call us at 816-842-7100 or click here to contact our Castle Law Injury Attorneys right here in Kansas City.

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