Frustrated motorists in the Kansas City metro have been dealing with a pothole problem for a while now, and it only seems to be getting worse. In fact, a recent report from KCMO stated that there have been more pothole incident reports in 2020 than in all of 2019. Mayor Quinton Lucas announced last week that Kansas City is working hard to implement a solution to repair potholes and prevent them in the future. Most drivers naturally avoid potholes if it is safe to do so, but that isn’t always an option, especially when driving in the city. Here are a few tips to consider to help minimize car damage and maximize driver and pedestrian safety:

Dangers of Potholes:

· Damage to tires

· Damage to suspension

· Damage to wheel/rim

· Steering misalignment

· Collision from unexpected braking

· Uncontrollable swerve

· Not always visible

· Can cause pedestrians to slip and fall

Pothole Safety:

· Remember to be extra cautious when the roads are wet. Weather can reduce visibility and, in some cases, will fill a pothole with water - making it practically invisible to the driver.

· Keep a tight grip on the steering wheel when approaching potholes. The impact from the pothole may turn the steering wheel, causing a vehicle to change direction without warning.

· Stay alert and check surroundings. Potholes are harmful and costly for drivers, but sudden and aggressive driving maneuvers, such as swerving or unexpected braking, could end up causing further damage and/or injury.

· Check that your tires are inflated properly. This is one of the most important ways to protect your car from sustaining serious damage from a pothole, and helps lower the chance of popping a tire - something that could cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle.

Not all situations allow for a driver to avoid a pothole. In fact, avoiding a pothole can be extremely dangerous in some instances. Potholes are also especially dangerous for motorcyclists. A pothole may seem like a temporary discomfort, but it could also impact your safety. Reporting your injury from road hazards helps the city acknowledge potential dangers and may play a role when seeking compensation.


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