Motorcycle Accident Rate

So far this year, 19 motorcyclists have died in Kansas from crashes with a second vehicle, and the state is on pace to have more bikers die this year from motorcycle crashes than last year with 33 fatalities so far.

Missouri has already surpassed the 2013 total of motorcycle fatalities in both solo wrecks and crashes involving a second vehicle, for a total of 82 fatalities so far this year.

What's The Reason Behind The Increase In Motorcycle Accidents?

Highway transportation authorities have no explanation for these increases, although some of the wrecks involved bikers who were not licensed to operate a motorcycle or trained to ride. Motorcyclists are required to pass both a driving test and a riding test in order to receive a motorcycle endorsement on their license.

Safety officials are launching awareness campaigns in both states to stress the importance of training, following the rules of the road and helmet use. However, drivers of cars and trucks must also take a share of the responsibility to look out for the easy-to-overlook motorcycles.

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