Bankruptcy is an incredibly difficult thing to go through.  I meet clients every day who feel embarrassed for even considering a bankruptcy.

But there's no need for shame or humiliation. There's no need to feel defeated. Bankruptcy is an option set up for you, to help people in your situation. Everyone needs a fresh start sometimes, and we'd all be shocked if we knew how many of our friends and families also have debt they can't pay, either.

Recently a study showed judges that were overseeing Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions responded more positively to people who apologized for their situation. A lot of people in Chapter 13 have taken on debts they couldn't pay and feel remorseful about it later. The want to apologize, and that's fine — if you feel that way, I certainly understand and don't fault you.

But then a lot of people took on debts they could pay. It's just that after that they lost their job, lost their spouse, or discovered a medical problem that completely drained their funds. I'm not sure it's the best advice to have a cancer survivor whose medical bills have nearly forced her out of her home to say, "I'm so sorry for my irresponsibility."

There are people out there who like to shame those of us who need a bankruptcy. Most of them probably struggle with credit card debt and student loans, but it makes them feel better to put other people down.

If you feel the need to apologize for mistakes you made that might have contributed to your bankruptcy, that's fine. It's wise to reflect on our choices honestly and make changes when necessary.

But don't feel ashamed or humiliated for getting your life back on track. That's not what a fresh start is about.

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