Jenny met up with her friends one morning for brunch at a place we'll call The Food Shop. They hadn't seen each other in months. Work had been busy lately and family stuff was crazy for all of them, too. So this was a special event. They stayed longer than any of them expected - trading stories and jokes.

Jenny ordered the chicken biscuit, fruit salad, and a cup of coffee. She'd gone for a jog that morning, and she was hungry, so she ate it all.

When she got home, Jenny began to feel very ill. At first it was just a bad stomach ache, but then it turned into diarrhea and severe shakes. When her illness hadn't improved the next day, her husband got really worried. He took her to the hospital.

Jenny was in bad shape. The sickness had dehydrated her and left her exhausted. They'd had no idea back home how serious it was.

She was admitted into ICU for two days and diagnosed with an E.coli infection. She remained in the hospital a few days after that, until she was finally allowed to go home. She continued to feel sick for days, and remained on antibiotics for weeks after this horrible event. It took two months for her digestive system to recover fully.

She missed seven days of work; and her husband missed hours, too, since he had to nurse her and take care of the kids.

Jenny never would have guessed her brunch at The Food Shop would cause her so much misery; but since that was the only place she'd eaten in the 16 hours prior and she didn't eat anything afterward because of how sick she felt, all signs pointed to them.

She came to see us about her food poisoning case. As Kansas City personal injury lawyers, we help people who've been injured because of someone else's neglect. Our attorneys were able to investigate the case for her.

It turns out, The Food Shop could easily have prevented Jenny's injury if they'd used proper precautions. They were storing cooked chicken and raw chicken in the same containers. It was like asking for people to get infected.

Jenny was able to recover money for the time she missed from work and the many expenses that came with her injuries, like pharmacy costs and hospital bills.

She still wishes she'd never gone to meet her friends that day. But Jenny is feeling much better now, and her difficult situation was made a lot easier when she wasn't forced to pay for someone else's big mistake. Their choices had already cost her enough.

If you're injured in a Kansas City restaurant, our attorneys can help. Contact us today to talk with an attorney for free, and get the help Jenny got.

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