Sandy drove a green Honda Civic to work in Kansas City every morning. In the afternoon she used it to get to the pharmacy and take her husband to the doctor. Then she'd rush to pick her kids up from afterschool care.

Her husband suffered from diabetes and depression, and had been out of work for a long time. That meant Sandy was responsible for bringing in the family income all on her own, even when employment was rocky.

And employment was rocky. Once the recession hit, Sandy's employer cut her hours. This meant less money for the doctor, the groceries, and the Honda Civic.

Sandy and her family were in the same situation as a lot of people facing repossession in Kansas City. When times get tough, you have to cut somewhere. The car payment sometimes falls to the wayside because of other, very important needs that have to be met.

In Sandy's case, the bills kept coming in, and she got more and more behind on her car over time. She began to get collection calls at dinnertime, which annoyed and scared her. And eventually she received threats and warnings of repossession.

Even though she couldn't make her monthly car payments, Sandy needed that Honda Civic. She had to get to work, or she'd be in an even worse situation financially. And the rest of her family depended on it, too!

Sandy looked up how to stop repossession in Kansas City. She came across our website and gave us a call. When she and her husband came in, she was pretty anxious. She didn't know how she'd be treated and whether she would feel better after her appointment. She worried if she could save her car, or what bankruptcy would do to her credit.

When she walked in, Sandy spoke with the front desk and got a cup of coffee for her husband. She treated herself to a hot chocolate.

Then it was time for her appointment. Sandy and her husband met with a bankruptcy attorney who listened to her concerns and let her know what her options were. He put her at ease and was happy to answer all her questions.

But most importantly, he was able to help her save her car! Our attorneys got her information in to the courts, and they put an automatic stay on her repossession so it was stopped in its tracks. Then they set up a plan so she could continue to make payments on the car, even with her limited income.

Sandy was able to tell the creditor he needed to go through her attorney from there on out. No more dinnertime collection calls. And the Honda Civic? It's right outside in the driveway, where it belongs.

In the end, there was a lot for Sandy to worry about, but she found a simple solution.

Our bankruptcy attorneys in Kansas City love to help when people are facing repossession because we know how important it is for you!

Call us today at 816-842-6200 to speak with an attorney. Or you can email us and schedule your free consultation.

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