The student loan debt crisis in America doesn’t seem to be improving. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult, if not impossible, to discharge student loans through bankruptcy. However, Castle Law Office can help you discharge other debts to make your student loan payments more manageable. We looked at some of the most eye-popping statistics with regards to the student loan debt and shared some information on what to do if you feel like you are a victim of the student loan debt crisis.

The estimated amount of outstanding student loan debt.
The estimated number of individuals with outstanding student debt.
The average student-loan debt total for recent college students who took student loans and graduated in 2018 (Student Loan Hero)
Americans over the age of 60 with student loan debt have more than doubled over the last decade and are the fastest-growing age group among student loan borrowers.
The percentage of individuals who filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and carried student loan debt.
The average percentage of student loan debt in consumers who filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (LendEDU)
The percentage of people who said college wasn’t worth the student debt in an INSIDER Survey

Student loan debt has become a huge burden to millions of Americans, regardless of age.  If you're suffering financially, we ask that you don't lose hope. We're happy to discuss your options with you, absolutely free of charge. Our attorneys may also give you advice and information based on your finical situation and provide insight to help you ensure long-term financial success.

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