There are a lot of reasons people might come in to see a bankruptcy lawyer. But as a Kansas City bankruptcy lawyer myself, I know one in particular is causing a lot of people problems these days:

Medical bills.

That's right, medical bills are one of the main reasons people come in to our Kansas City bankruptcy office. And now studies show medical bills are the number one cause of all individual bankruptcies in the United States.

For patients with chronic or severe illness, or injuries that require surgery, medical bills can skyrocket in weeks. Sudden problems can create a lifetime of debt.

Not even health insurance protects Americans from these bills: the study estimates that in 2013 nearly 10 million Americans with year-round health insurance took on medical bills they can't pay off.

High insurance premiums and annual maximums can mean a lot of money has to be paid out of pocket. People just don't have the funds to cover it.

When millions of people look to bankruptcy as a possible solution for medical bills they couldn't avoid, it becomes obvious: there's a problem with the system.

Filing Bankruptcy on Medical Bills

If you're considering bankruptcy for medical bills, or if you just have a lot of debt you need to get rid of, the time to start is now. Medical bills will accrue interest and only get worse over time. You can avoid the frustration of watching your debt grow bigger and bigger.

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