There's been some good news out there in the employment world lately.

A career site's study showed that as unemployment rates drop, people are feeling more secure in their jobs and are starting to venture out more, looking for better career options. They're less concerned about layoffs and pay cuts than they have been in recent years, which gives them the freedom to seek out better paychecks and not just settle for what they've got.

Still, unemployment rates are improving very slowly - too slowly for most Americans to know the difference.

As a bankruptcy attorney, I know the situation hasn't improved for everyone. We get a lot of people in our office who are struggling with debt because they've recently been unemployed and can't afford their house payment anymore, or because they simply can't find a job no matter how much they try.

We see people who've decided to give up on the job search for now, after looking for employment unsuccessfully and feeling really discouraged.

We see parents trying to cover the cost of elderly parents and unemployed children, while themselves looking for jobs.

And we see young adults who can't find work and wind up in debt before they've really had a chance to succeed.

If you're unemployed and in debt, bankruptcy is one option you should consider. It can help you get a fresh start when you may need it most and relieve some of the financial burden that comes with unemployment and underemployment.

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