Drugs are recalled for a variety of reasons, including mislabeling or poor packaging, contamination with harmful substances (as in bacteria), contamination with non-harmful substances, or poor manufacturing that effects the product's quality, purity and potency. Any of these problems can make the drug defective or potentially harmful to the consumer.

Injuries resulting from taking a recalled drug can range from mild to life-threatening and in some cases even death. Our office sees injuries across the spectrum of severity.

Sadly, it can often take years after a dangerous drug hits the market before it's recalled. That's often when consumers first find out how unhealthy the medication actually is. By then you may have taken the drug for extended time without knowing it was actually causing your body a lot of harm.

If you didn't take the recalled drug, or if you took it and experienced no injuries, you probably wouldn't have a case against the drug company. However, if you were taking a drug that's been recalled and you've suffered an injury from it, you may be entitled to compensation. You should talk with an attorney who can help you know for sure.

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