Yes, dog bites are generally covered by homeowner’s insurance.

After a dog bite injury, is always important to get the owner’s phone number or other contact information. Most people don't carry their homeowner’s policy on them, so you'll most likely need to follow up directly with the dog owner to get the actual insurance information.

As with all insurance claims, the more documentation you have the easier the claim will be. Some helpful documentation could include: witness contact information or statements, photos of the injury, animal control or police reports, and whatever medical documentation you have of your injuries.

If the dog owner doesn’t have a homeowner’s insurance policy, or their policy doesn't cover dog bites, you may still be able to receive personal injury damages. The laws on this can vary according to state.

Dogs are generally the responsibility of their owners and are required by law to be on leash when they're off their owner’s premises. In Kansas, however, the owner is only responsible for a dog attack injury if the dog has already shown vicious tendencies or bitten someone before. In Missouri, the owner is responsible as long as the dog bite or attack occurred without provocation. If a person somehow provokes, and then the dog bites, it's not a guarantee the owner will be held responsible for resulting injuries.

If you've been bitten by a dog in Kansas City, you should consult a personal injury lawyer to talk you through your options. When consulting with an attorney you will want to recount your version of the incident in detail. All that documentation you would need for dealing with an insurance agency will be useful when talking to a lawyer.

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