If you've been in a truck accident that wasn't your fault, you'll want to know right away why the driver behaved negligently. Our personal injury lawyers investigate this for you as part of your case. One of the things we check is whether the driver complied with all the regulations for commercial driving.

All truck drivers must obey federal regulations, as well as any state regulations stricter than the federal requirements.

Drivers of larger trucks capable of carrying at least 26,000 pounds of freight must obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) from the state in which they live. To get a CDL, an applicant has to pass a written test on rules and regulations that pertain to trucking, then show they can drive a large truck safely.

CDL drivers must be at least 21 years old, and have to pass a physical exam every two years. They can't have been convicted of a felony involving a motor vehicle, a crime involving drugs, or a drunk driving charge.

A national data bank was created to keep a permanent record of all driving violations by a person holding a CDL, as well as other pertinent data, including “whether the operator had a commercial motor vehicle driver’s license or learner’s permit revoked, suspended, or canceled by a State, lost the right to operate a commercial motor vehicle in a State for any period, or has been disqualified from operating a commercial motor vehicle.”

Additionally, most police forces, including both Missouri and Kansas State Highway Patrol, have truck enforcement units specially designed to govern commercial truck driving. Weigh stations make sure carriers don't exceed the allowable freight weights for their vehicle and in some areas can call for on-the-spot maintenance checks.

So there are a lot of regulations to prevent dangerous truck drivers from causing a truck accident. Call us today at 816-842-7100 to speak with an attorney that will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Or you can click here to email us and schedule your free consultation.