If you were injured in a drunk driving accident as a passenger, it's certainly possible to sue for damages.

The law says a driver owes “reasonable care” to anyone who may be present while he or she is driving — that includes other motorists, pedestrians and any passenger riding in the car. This law certainly doesn't relieve the driver of that responsibility if he or she is drunk.

However, if you contributed to the driver’s intoxication — say by buying alcohol or encouraging drinking — or chose to be in the vehicle knowing its driver was drunk, you might have a harder time making a successful claim against the driver. In Missouri and Kansas your claim's value might be lessened if you got into the car knowing the driver was intoxicated.

If the driver drank too much at a bar and then drove, did the establishment knowingly keep serving alcohol to the driver even when it was obvious he was drunk? If so, an injured passenger may have a case against the bar, the drunk driver, or both.

Drunk driving cases involving injury are both common and tragic. They’re also very complex and require the skills of a compassionate attorney knowledgeable in state laws.

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