Car accidents can be especially devastating for children, who may not fit perfectly into their seats and who are still developing physically. Broken bones, head injuries, and back pain can follow them for a long time.

If the impact is life-altering, children have even more medical bills to deal with over their lifetime than an injured adult.

With all that in mind, yes, a child can sue over a car accident. In most cases, the child's close family members would need to file the suit.

There have been some tragic cases in the news lately of children orphaned by car accidents. In those instances, family members and the team overseeing the parents' estate can help the children pursue legal action.

If the child's parents caused the car accident, they are often protected from a lawsuit. Many insurance policies don't allow you to sue close family members or people living in your home. In addition, some states have immunity laws that limit tort cases against one's parents. There are sometimes specific exceptions to these rules, though.

Damages from children's car accident cases can be placed in a trust fund. If the money is meant to cover necessary medical expenses, it can be used by the parents or family members who pursued the claim on the child's behalf.

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