Should your initial SSDI claim be denied, the Social Security Administration will send you notification as to why that happened. If you don't agree with their assessment, you can and should appeal the decision. You should set the appeal in motion fairly quickly, as you only have 60 days to appeal from the date of notification that your initial claim was denied. 

Don’t get frustrated by the denial and give up. Your persistence can pay off. Keep in mind, the majority of claims are denied the first time around. It's important to meet the 60 day deadline so you don't have to start the whole process over. It's easier to add more information during the appeal and move forward rather than having your claim reviewed at the initial stage again. 

If your Social Security Disability has been denied, it's a good idea to consult with a SSDI attorney and consider hiring one to handle your appeal.  SSDI attorneys have experience with the system and understand what's needed to get your claim approved.

Your lawyer will work on contingency, meaning we don't get paid until your claim is approved, and our pay comes out of past benefits owed to you by the Social Security Administration.

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