Garnishment — a legal means of collecting an unpaid debt through a direct payroll deduction — can be used by credit card companies, banks, other commercial lenders, and government agencies to collect unpaid consumer debts, child support, student loans, and taxes.

According to the Consumer Credit Protection Act, firing an employee for a single garnishment is prohibited. It's possible that if wages are being garnished by more than one agency or company, you may be terminated.

However, some states provide additional protection against termination when more than one garnishment is in place, and when this is the case, the state law will be observed. For example, in Florida an employee can never be fired for reasons related to a garnishment.

Keep in mind, in many states employees may be let go for little or no reason; but if you feel your garnishment is a factor in your termination, or are concerned this may happen to you, speaking to an experienced attorney is always a good idea.

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