What happens after a pet injury, like in a dog attack or car accident? 

The answer varies according to state and according to your individual case. Most of the time, the dog is treated like property under the law. This can upset pet owners who see the animal as much more than a piece of property, but it's how a lot of states have ruled.

However, you may still be able to get compensation. For example, if you spent a lot medical bills to restore the dog's health, you may be able to claim those costs as damages.

In Missouri, a pet owner is responsible for his or her dog under most circumstances. So if a dog attacks your pet and severely injures or kills it, you may be able to fight for medical costs, the cost of the pet if killed, and damages for the pain and suffering of watching such a traumatic event.

It's harder to receive compensation for a dog attack in Kansas — whether an attack on people or pets. Kansas has a "one bite rule" that forces the victim to prove negligence on the part of the attacking dog's owner.

That doesn't mean you should give up. It's always wise to contact an attorney and see what can be done; and the rule doesn't apply to car accidents and other ways pets can be injured or killed.

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