Just because you’re partially at fault for your injury doesn’t mean you can’t still consider filing a personal injury claim.

In many states, you can still recover damages for the part of your injury you didn’t cause. This is called the rule of “comparative negligence;” and it's how the system works for a car accident in Missouri.

For example: If someone hit you and you were injured in a car crash, even if you were driving a little too fast, the person who hit you still might have to pay for the part of your damages they caused.

A Kansas car accident case has a modified comparative fault rule, where you can only recover if you are 49% or less at fault. This is an important distinction that a Kansas car accident attorney can help you work through.

As always, making sure you talk to an experienced attorney is going to be your best bet for getting the compensation you deserve. Just because you’re partially at fault doesn’t mean you’re fully to blame.

If your attorney thinks you might have at least a partial case, then you may still be able to collect for lost time from work or pain and suffering, even if part of the responsibility for the accident is yours.

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