Sometimes our office meets with people who say their previous attorney "fired" them. For example, perhaps a lawyer said he could save your house, so you trusted him with your case. Then he changed his tune and said, "Nevermind. Your case is too complicated" or "It's not worth my time." He quit on you when you needed him most.

This is not a common practice, but it does happen sometimes for a variety of reasons. It typically requires court approval. 

If you've already lost your attorney, it's not the end of the world; and if you get a new lawyer quickly, it probably won't affect you nearly as much as you think. 

Of course the best way to avoid this situation is to find the right bankruptcy attorney in the first place. But what does that mean?

You need to make sure the attorney is someone with years of experience. Check to see if previous clients recommend them as a good lawyer worth your trust.

Then at your first appointment, you also want to make sure the attorney gives you their undivided attention. You should feel respected by your lawyer. You should be able to tell your case matters to this law firm and that the attorney wants to help you.

Too often clients make the mistake of choosing bankruptcy lawyers who shuttle them through their appointments. They assume these lawyers are faster and cheaper. But then what happens when they don't come through for you? You're right back where you started.

You don't have to give up quality for a good price. You don't have to risk your case with a lawyer who doesn't care about you.

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