In a word, yes, you have to stop after any car accident.

Failing to stop and provide the necessary information to the other driver implies you’re trying to avoid your potential obligations to pay for damages to the other person’s property. In fact, if you don’t stop, you could be charged with leaving the scene of an accident, have your license suspended, and/or face large fines.

Though it may appear the other car was not damaged in any way, it’s impossible for you to know whether that’s really a fact just moments after the incident. You also may not know whether all involved are injury-free — including yourself. Some clients don't start to feel pain until a long time after the accident.

One of the main reasons to stop after a car accident is to make sure everyone involved is OK; and then to exchange information between drivers. If someone is injured, your first priority should be to get emergency medical personnel to the accident site. Then you need to get the other driver’s name, telephone number(s), and insurance information, and provide your own to the other party. 

As a rule, it’s also a wise idea to call the police to report the crash. They may not come, but it’s better to err on the side of safety.

So if you have hit anything — a moving or parked car, a pedestrian, or someone’s property — you must stop. It’s the law.

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