Although there are plenty of manufacturers that don’t knowingly sell dangerous drugs — or don't do so without the appropriate warnings — the reality is that money (both profit and potential loss) can often lead manufacturers to make poor decisions.

It often costs millions of dollars to design, create, test, patent, and produce a drug. Drug manufacturers have to pay not only for the products that are sold or prescribed to consumers, but also for all the drugs that fail the necessary regulations and tests.

These manufacturers often patent a potential drug early in the process in case it does become marketable, and invest a substantial amount of money to speed up the process of human trials. In such cases, danger signs may be ignored.

A drug patent expires after a certain amount of time, at which point competitors can create generic, less expensive versions of the drug. Thus, manufacturers also feel the pressure to make as much money as possible during the patented time period, even if this means hiding information about a potentially dangerous drug.

If you think you're the victim of a dangerous drug, seek immediate medical care and consult with a dangerous drugs attorney. You may be eligible for monetary compensation for your losses.

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