Figuring out what food products have been recalled can be difficult. Large recalls are frequently reported in the news, but most people can’t constantly police every information source.

The federal government has created a couple of sites designed to make this job easier. The first is which touts itself as your gateway to federal food safety information. Here you can find all the latest alerts, learn safety tips for how to handle food, report problems you might have, and ask experts your own food-related questions.

The website is constantly being updated so you won’t miss anything. You can sign up for email alerts, download an application for your phone, or get an RSS feed sent directly to your desktop so you'll receive alert and recall notices as soon as they're posted.

Information from six different federal agencies can be found at Here you can find the latest recalls for: The Food and Drug Administration, The United States Department of Agriculture, The Environmental Protective Agency, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, The Consumer Product Safety Administration, and The United States Coast Guard. 

Should you have specific questions concerning a recall, you would need to contact the specific agency that has jurisdiction over the product in question. For most food sources that would be the FDA or USDA.  

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