If you are disabled and have been denied Social Security disability payments, you might wonder if it’s worth your while to hire a disability lawyer. After all, you probably don’t have much income, if any. The good news is that Social Security attorneys work on what’s called “contingency.” That means they will only get paid if they win your case. Even if the case drags on for years, the lawyer won’t get paid until your SSDI case is won.

Social Security lawyers will have you sign a written fee agreement, which has to be approved by the Social Security Administration. By federal law, the fee cannot be more than $6,000 or 25% of your back benefits, whichever is less. So if your back pay amount was $16,000, the lawyer’s fee would be $4,000.

While that seems like a large amount of money, the chances of you winning your case dramatically increase when you have a lawyer to advocate for you, attend hearings, get paperwork ready and more. Your lawyer will be able to submit relevant medical evidence, obtain opinions from your doctors and argue successfully that the Social Security Administration was wrong to deny your case.

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