Filing for bankruptcy is one of the most effective ways to end harassing phone calls from creditors, as well as a means to regain control of your finances.

If you are subjected to constant phone calls from creditors, after bankruptcy your phone will fall silent. Once you have filed, all creditors must immediately cease all communications and collections regarding your debts. That means they can't contact you by phone, mail or other means. They can't threaten you at dinnertime or write to you on Facebook.

Bankruptcy comes with an automatic stay designed to stop creditor actions against you, your property and your paycheck. So along with ending all collection calls, an automatic stay prohibits any lawsuits, repossessions, foreclosure, and wage garnishment actions that may be keeping you up at night.

If the creditor violates the automatic stay, you may be able to sue the creditor and to be compensated. The courts take the automatic stay restriction very seriously and have protections in place so you aren't further harassed.

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