A statute of limitations is a type of federal or state law that restricts the time a person has to file a claim after an injury has occurred. Premises liability laws vary among states regarding the statue of limitations, dependent on a number of specific factors.

In Missouri, you must make a premises liability claim within five years of the related injury.

For minors in Missouri, the statute of limitations begins on their 21st birthday. Cases of medical malpractice or wrongful death are the exception to this rule.

In Kansas, minors have one year after their 18th birthday to file a claim, but no more than eight years to do so after the incident occurred, regardless of their age at the time of the injury.

Under Kansas law, you must make a premises liability claim within two years of the related injury. However, if the injury isn't immediately apparent and isn't discovered until a later date, you can make a claim within 10 years of the original incident that caused the latent injury. In such cases, you should seek immediate medical attention when the injury is discovered, as you may need documentation and support from your physician to make your case.

Missouri has similar rules that allow you to file a claim late if the injury isn't discovered until after the statute would normally run out.

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