The time it takes to settle any car accident case depends: Was it a minor paint-scraper or a serious collision leading to grave injuries? A fender-bender where there were no injuries whatsoever might be settled fairly quickly; a more grievous accident can take longer.

If you’ve been involved in a severe car accident, you’ll understandably want a prompt settlement to your claims, but it may not be in your best interest to lose patience and demand your lawyer settle as quickly as possible.

The monetary proceeds from a personal injury case normally come from the insurance company of the driver who was at fault; and, let’s face it, that company wants to pay as little as possible. They aren't looking out for your best interests — your lawyer is. The adjusters represent the other side and don't always make good offers early on.

Our personal injury lawyers see this tension in our office all the time when we handle car accidents. A quick settlement may seem immediately attractive but might not benefit you in the long term. In fact, you may unwittingly short-change yourself.

A rapid, one-time payment that permanently compensates your claim may not take care of long-term medical expenses for the injuries sustained during the accident. Nor will such a settlement reflect your wage loss or other expenses if they build up over time.

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